The SunChamber™ is more than a greenhouse. It is a holistic system; a completely sealed grow environment characterized by its sun harvesting and climate control capabilities. 

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EcoPack- SunChamber grow facility

*The SunChamber™ is defined by its systems and sealed environment. Choosing a layout will depend on engineering, site considerations, climate, budget, etc. 

What Is Included In The Ceres SunChamber™?

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Quality Design

Quality Design

  • Patented passive solar design for year round growing
  • Highly insulated
  • Full UV glazing for maximum light harvesting

Sealed Facility

Sealed Facility

  • Sealed construction ensures precise monitoring and adaptation of environment 
  • Optimal Vapor Pressure Differential (VPD)
  • Maximization of plant growth and yield 

Modular Construction

Modular Construction

  • Modular scale with connecting hallways to each greenhouse 
  • Can be expanded without interruptions to growing
  • Biosecurity between greenhouses
  • Ability to stagger harvests for R&D, breeding, etc.

Why Should I Consider A SunChamber™? What Are The Benefits?

heating greenhouses with geothermal energy equals more value

Highest Quality

Up to 50% more value per pound of flower than the average market value due to the high quality of product

heating greenhouses with geothermal energy equals higher yields

Higher Yields

Expected yields of 60g per square foot of canopy space per harvest of dried flower

sealed grow room design for higher terpenes

Increased Terpenes

Greater diversity and amounts of terpene levels than an indoor grow

Lower Energy Costs

Energy costs as low as 10$/sq.ft/year, which translates to $0.17 per gram. The average indoor facility would have an energy costs at least of 30$/sq.ft/year (with less yields), which translates to $0.6 per gram. This is 4x as much.

Why Should I Care About Biosecurity?

  • Air Treatment: Circulating air gets filtered and treated as part of the EcoLoop™

  • Self Cleaning: A cleaning solution can be applied to every SunChamber™ after harvest via the included misting mechanism
  • Quality Materials: All materials and construction details focus on a non porous, easy to clean and long lasting environment
  • Lower Risk of Crop Failure: From pest pressure, mold, etc.


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