Our design team will work with you to engineer a unique structural solution for your cannabis greenhouse needs, in order to ensure increased yields at a lower operating cost. If you are working with tight building spaces, cities with strict building and permit requirements, or climates with heavy amounts of wind and snow, a custom recreational or medical marijuana greenhouse design might be the right solution for you.


We use heavy gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel for our custom cannabis greenhouses because it can be designed for any size of the project and can fit specific building footprints. Our heavy gauge steel is available for single span greenhouses up to 84 feet deep and can be designed for any wind or snow load.
We combine the frame with insulated metal panels, commonly used in warehouses or large industrial buildings, because of their high insulation values and ease of install.



Ceres glazing materials can be customized to suit your climate conditions and growing goals. Options include: acrylic, ETFE film, and triple-wall polycarbonate.


Vented vs. Sealed

We offer both vented and sealed options for our custom cannabis greenhouses. Factors such as budget, climate, and type of cannabis will influence what type of greenhouse you will choose. There are different cooling and heating systems to consider with each option. Please visit our environmental control page for details.

light deprivation in greenhouse

Light Deprivation System

We partner with Wadsworth Controls to provide automated light deprivation systems, customized for your specific recreational or medical marijuana greenhouse design. Every custom system uses ‘light-lock’ technology to ensure a tight seal of the curtains and 100% blackout conditions.


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