We work with utility providers to manage the Rebate and Incentive Process in order to maximize savings for our clients.

What are Incentives? Rebates?

An Incentive is a provision intended to motivate further growth, while a Rebate is a refund or discount that is returned to the client after a payment has been made.

Whole House Rebates
The process for whole house rebates

Incentives & Rebates are available for several aspects of a Ceres greenhouse including:

LED Lighting

This is the easiest and quickest incentive we have access to. This is usually an incentive, meaning the savings is calculated early and the client only pays the reduced price up front. Lighting rebates can come to fruition fairly quickly because it is a relatively simple process to figure out power savings.

building envelope

Building Envelope

A Ceres greenhouse compared to a traditional greenhouse is highly insulated, and Ceres can model the energy savings compared to a baseline model for heating and cooling. Utility companies will often offset upfront building costs for clients based on the future energy savings of the building. This is usually a rebate, meaning the client purchases the building directly from Ceres, and once built, the utility will inspect and then send a check to the client.


Similar to the building envelope, utilities will look at the additional cost of the Ceres EcoLoop™ system and then compare operating costs over time to a baseline HVAC system. Because the EcoLoop™ is so efficient to operate and uses much less power during peak usage hours, utilities will offset the cost of the more efficient system. This is usually an incentive, meaning the client purchases the system directly from Ceres, and once built, the utility will inspect and then send a check to the client. Federal tax cuts are also available for the Ground Coupled Heat Pump system, usually for around 10%.

lighting versus whole house rebates
*These percentages are based off of ranges we have seen. Variations will depend on individual utility programs.

It can be quick and easy to figure out if incentives/rebates are available with your specific power company. It is important to keep in mind that every power company is different, and each one has their own program for incentives and rebates.

Ceres asks for an upfront retainer to cover initial costs related to energy modeling, submitting information as requested to the power company. We then charge a percentage of the rebate once approved as payment for our services.

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