Achieve optimal efficiency and the highest quality output by pairing a Ceres automated control greenhouse monitoring system with our experts in cannabis data analysis. We design our controllers for the highest redundancy and robustness. Each individual grow environment can be operated autonomously in case of power outage.

We also provide commercial cannabis greenhouse operations support to help you set up your grow space and help you increase yields while decreasing energy use.

SunSense™ Controller + Analysis & Optimization = Minimized Crop Loss

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Ceres’ Building Automation Systems (BAS) & Long Term Data Solutions

Ceres’ remote climate monitoring system provides real-time tracking of greenhouse conditions, plus the ability to evaluate your greenhouse performance over the long-term. We design cannabis greenhouse climate control and data monitoring systems to create a high performing grow environment.

Smart Controls & Sensors Package include:

  • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Light levels & Spectrum
  • CO2
  • Daily temperature fluctuations
  • Soil moisture
  • Stem diameter
  • Leaf temperature
  • Nutrient levels
  • Irrigation
  • Air quality
  • kW usage management/energy management
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Data Analysis Services

  • Real-time monitoring of entire facility parameters
    • Environmental conditions through entire plant life-cycle
    • Greenhouse and headhouse systems (HVACD, lights, fertigation, humidification, etc.)
  • Analysis of a wide variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) allow for building correlations and models for enhanced predictions and continuous improvements
  • Customized recommendations will be made based on multiple parameters such as specific strains, time of year, location, growers requirements

The result will be optimized energy usage & increased savings

Our Process for Cannabis Grow Support & Data Analysis

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