Most cannabis greenhouses are hugely inefficient structures, requiring immense heating and cooling to retain a stable temperature for healthy plant growth. We specialize in high-performance, insulated greenhouses to reduce energy usage and grow year-round. Our cannabis greenhouse kits result in a sustainable, naturally abundant environment with lower operational costs and increased production. Ceres offers amazing cannabis-specific greenhouses for sale.

HighYieldKit Greenhouses for Cannabis & Hemp

Ceres Cannabis HighYield™ systems perform as a stable, easy to control, hybrid growing environment. They are built for maximum efficiency and used in applications for which the highest yields are expected. HighYield™ greenhouse Kits are available in two North to South dimensions: 23’ and 30’ deep and are expandable in increments of 4’.

Our HighYield™ cannabis greenhouses are constructed with hot-dipped galvanized steel 2” x 4” framing sections, pre-cut to correct length. Along with IMPs, doors and glazing, our cannabis greenhouse kits include intake vents and exhaust fans sized to meet the cooling requirements of the greenhouse (dependent on climate).

All HighYield™ greenhouses come with glazing options including ETFE, Acrylic, or Polycarbonate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver anywhere in the US and Canada. If you live somewhere else please contact us for a shipping cost estimate.

Yes, depending on your level of construction experience. Building a HighYield™ Kit requires construction experience, and a crew of at least three workers. Watch our video on how to build a HighYield™ Kit to get a sense of the steps needed to build it. The following tools and equipment are required to install a HighYield™ Kit:


  • Riveter
  • Hammer drill
  • Boom lift with forks and cage
  • Circular saw with metal blade
  • Corded impact driver

If you can use these tools with confidence, you can probably construct a HighYield™ Kit on your own. We still recommend hiring a Ceres Construction Manager to oversee the process.

We provide custom quotes for all our energy-efficient commercial greenhouses, as each greenhouse is customized for your climate and growing goals.

 Below you will find rough estimates for budgetary purposes:

  • US$35-US$45/sqft  for a 3,000 sqft modular greenhouse facility. Includes base materials kit, includes steel frame, insulated metal panels, glazing (same for a vented or sealed structure) 
  • US$100-US$150/sqft for a complete vented structure (stamped drawings, materials, equipment and construction)
  • US$230-US$280/sqft for a complete sealed structure (stamped drawings, materials, equipment and construction)

Our commercial energy-efficient greenhouses are made with galvanized steel frames. We combine the frame with insulated metal panels, commonly used in warehouses or large industrial buildings. These provide high insulation values and fast, cost-effective installation.

We offer acrylic, ETFE, or polycarbonate as glazing options. To learn more about which option might be best for you check out our blog on how to choose a glazing material for your greenhouse. Factors in decision making include:  budget, location, and what you are growing for (i.e. THC or CBD). 

Yes, we source growing systems and equipment according to your needs. We work directly with systems suppliers to ensure that growing systems integrate seamlessly with the greenhouse structure.

Systems include:

You can install a HighYield™ Kit yourself, or hire installation out to a local contractor. You can also opt to have a Ceres construction supervisor oversee the construction process and direct your building crew.

Our greenhouses are modular by design, allowing for both greenhouses and headhouses to be endlessly expanded. Corridor-connected designs are a better choice if you are considering later expansion, as construction won’t disrupt existing operations.  

If you think you might want to expand the greenhouses or headhouses at a later date it is advisable to let Ceres know ahead of time, allowing our engineers to prepare from the onset, which will also save time and money.

The environmental control systems and the controllers used will help determine the quality of the products grown. Keep in mind that the complexity of the control system should match the complexity of the environmental control solutions used.

In sophisticated greenhouses with high-end environmental control solutions for high-value cannabis/hemp the more sophisticated control systems might be the better choice.  Ceres offers data analysis packages to help optimize yields and profits. These systems might range in cost from $3-$10/sqft.

Each structure is engineered according for a specific site’s snow and wind loads.  We have previously designed facilities with snow loads up to 85 lbs/square foot, and with wind loads of up to 190 mph.

The amount of time it takes to recoup the initial greenhouse investment depends on many factors including: operational costs, strain of cannabis/hemp, and market demand. Grow systems will additionally have an impact on grow time.

Total plant count will depend on the grow method and the strain. A typical setup can range between 1-16 sqft per plant.

Rolling benches will increase the efficiency of canopy space (up by 35%).

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