Most cannabis greenhouses are inefficient structures, requiring immense heating and cooling to retain a stable temperature for healthy plant growth. We specialize in high-performance, insulated greenhouses to reduce energy usage and grow year-round. Our cannabis greenhouse kits result in a sustainable, naturally abundant environment with lower operational costs and increased production. Ceres offers cannabis-specific greenhouses for sale.

Insulated greenhouse kits

HighYield Greenhouse Kits for Cannabis & Hemp

Ceres Cannabis HighYield™ systems perform as a stable, easy to control, hybrid growing environment. They are built for maximum efficiency and used in applications for which the highest yields are expected. HighYield™ insulated greenhouse Kits are available in two North to South dimensions: 23’ and 30’ deep and are expandable in increments of 4’.

Our HighYield™ cannabis greenhouses are constructed with hot-dipped galvanized steel 2” x 4” framing sections, pre-cut to correct length. Along with IMPs, doors and glazing, our cannabis greenhouse kits include intake vents and exhaust fans sized to meet the cooling requirements of the greenhouse (dependent on climate).

All HighYield™ greenhouses come with glazing options including ETFE, Acrylic, or Polycarbonate.

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