Bringing the Sun Indoors with Hybrid Design and Innovative Climate Control Technologies

By Miriam Schaffer
Cannabis and glazing

Bringing the Sun Indoors with Hybrid Design and Innovative Climate Control Technologies

Bringing the Sun Indoors with Hybrid Design and Innovative Climate Control Technologies

Ceres is not your average greenhouse company.  In fact, we struggle with the word greenhouse because people often think of European glass greenhouses or American style poly film covered hoop houses (high tunnels) when they hear “greenhouse”.  A Ceres Greenhouse is a hybrid, combining climate control aspects of an indoor cannabis grow with the most important aspect of greenhouses – light transmissive glazings.

Vera Cultivation glazingOur commercial cannabis greenhouse design propels us above the rest, and here’s why.  


Completely Sealed Hybrid Design  

A successful cannabis operation starts with smart greenhouse design. The design of the structure itself affects everything from workflow to quality of product to ongoing operational costs. Ceres uses a passive solar design concept in order to optimize solar gain inside the greenhouse for increased productivity. We build our structures with an insulated, solid North wall to capture and reflect the sun’s rays back into the greenhouse so no sunlight is wasted. By designing our greenhouses to harvest the sun, our clients see more plant productivity in the year-round than they would in a traditional greenhouse. 


greenhouse frameAnother important aspect of our hybrid design are the insulated metal panels that make up the East, West and North walls of our greenhouses. These insulated metal panels (IMPs) not only help to maintain stable temperatures within the greenhouse, they also make our buildings more durable and secure. With this patented passive solar design alone, our greenhouses achieve energy-savings well above other commercial cannabis greenhouses.  

On top of our patented design, we are able to completely seal a greenhouse environment for our clients that want heightened climate control. There are many benefits of a sealed commercial cannabis greenhouse, the main benefit being that growers can achieve exact VPD levels for optimal plant growth. Another benefit of a sealed environment is increased biosecurity from pests, mold and mildew. Traditional greenhouses are typically vented structures, relying on intake and exhaust fans to regulate indoor temperature and humidity levels. By completely sealing the greenhouse environment, we have combined the climate control capabilities of an indoor grow with the sun-harnessing capabilities of a greenhouse, creating the ultimate hybrid solution. 

sealed environment greenhouse


Going beyond the structure

We work closely with our clients to design a complete grow solution with environmental control systems that integrate cohesively with structural plans and growing goals. This complete solution (the greenhouse with its integrated systems) is something that we determine with the client in the early design stages in order to save them time and money down the line. This preliminary design provides the client with the following information:


  • Recommended layout of the greenhouse and headhouse  
  • Information on sealed versus vented greenhouses 
  • Recommendations on different types of glazing 
  • Climate control systems (this will greatly depend on whether the greenhouse is sealed or vented)
  • Types of grow systems to use 
  • Controller Design and Layout 
  • Information on custom light deprivation systems 
  • Water treatment and reclamation methods 
  • Design elements that help with biosecurity 
  • Full Headhouse Layout and design – processing, curing, trimming etc. 
  • Fire suppression options for permitting

Ceres also manages vendors to ensure that all their systems are integrated into a holistic design. In order to design a complete facility, our engineers use building information modeling (BIM) software to virtually build your greenhouse with precise coordination of systems within our greenhouse design.


Data Analysis and Energy Savings 

It’s safe to say that cannabis cultivators are number crunchers. They like to see profits versus operational costs and payback periods. We get that, and that’s why we focus on the numbers too. Included in our preliminary greenhouse design is an estimated energy analysis of an entire facility. This analysis gives the client an idea of monthly operational costs and also shows the energy savings of a Ceres greenhouse compared to an indoor facility and greenhouse competitors. Our in-house data team dedicates their time to making sure our clients’ facilities are the most energy-efficient they can be.



In addition to the preliminary data analysis, we give our clients the opportunity to share their real-time data with us so we can continue to optimize their grow beyond the greenhouse build. The bigger our data pool, the more efficient our designs become for future clients and the better we can optimize for existing clients. 

Like we said, we’re not your average greenhouse company. We actually like to consider ourselves a “solutions” company, solving the problem of inefficiency in the greenhouse realm. We’re not just designing greenhouses for our clients, we’re designing smart grow spaces that will save them money while yielding the highest quality product. We’re leading the way in commercial cannabis greenhouse design and if you’d like to learn more about how we can optimize your grow, contact us!  A Ceres team member is waiting to assist you.  

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