Greenhouse climate control is a critical part of having a successful grow. Temperature and humidity swings in a greenhouse can be too extreme and drastic to be met by standard HVAC equipment. Our proven technology optimizes your cannabis grow environment by continuously monitoring and adapting the grow environment according to the needs of the plants (i.e. genetics, evapotranspiration, etc.), while maintaining an optimal Vapor Pressure Differential—ensuring maximum marijuana plant growth and yield.

A Fully Controlled-Environment Greenhouse

We design climate control systems for your specific greenhouse needs. With a Ceres integrated controller, operating a cannabis greenhouse is simple, efficient, and maintains a more controlled environment.

Expect higher yields while using less energy by automating precise greenhouse conditions and data collection.

controller & analysis



A vented greenhouse can be provided with low capital and operational costs. It is a good option in places where smell is not a concern and precise control over temperature and humidity are not necessary.


vented versus sealed greenhouse



A sealed greenhouse offers precise and independent climate control of temperature and humidity. Optimize, increase and predict yields, as well as increased biosecurity.


Light Deprivation

Ceres automated light deprivation systems allow for total control of light levels. Systems can be custom designed for complete darkness.


Mechanical Systems

We offer the highest quality engineered solutions to your marijuana greenhouse’s geothermal, HVAC, biosecurity, water filtration, and CO2 supplied needs.

Monitor & Controller

Your greenhouse is customized to suit your HVAC and other growing systems. We design climate control systems to suit your specific greenhouse needs. 


GAHT™ System

The GAHT™ system is a ground to air heat exchanger, a system often referred to as a ‘Climate Battery’. Ceres Greenhouse Solutions is an industry leader in climate battery technology, having designed and installed more systems in greenhouses than any other company in the world.

Supplemental Lighting

Growing cannabis requires very specific lighting requirements. We offer a variety of lighting solutions designed to suit the needs of each individual operation.

plasma lamp
Air purification fan


Operating a biosecure grow is as important to us as it is to you. We offer solutions to make sure that your climate-controlled grow environment is pest, disease, mold, and fungus free. 

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