Cannabis Greenhouses:
Lower Operating Costs.
Higher Yields.
Highest Quality.


Ceres creates optimal growing environments by harnessing full-spectrum sunlight and designing residential and commercial greenhouse climate control systems to ensure the highest yields and the highest quality, at the lowest operating costs.


Sealed Hybrid Grow Solution

The combination of glazing with high light-transmittance and insulated metal walls ensure energy efficiency and maximum climate control over the growing environment. Sealed cannabis greenhouses also increased biosecurity and do not allow odors to escape or leak out.

Monitoring and Automation

We have optimized a smart controller for your grow environment, allowing for precise energy management. With 24/7 monitoring and predictive alerts to potential problems, you can expect lower electrical and maintenance costs and a greater knowledge of the inside of your cannabis greenhouse.

Construction and Grow Support

We work with experienced local construction crews and oversee all details of the construction process, ensuring a quality infrastructure build that is both hassle-free and on-time. We also offer grow support to help you produce a high-yielding and maximum-quality cannabis grow environment.

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