Cannabis Greenhouses:

Lower Operating Costs.
Higher Yields.
Highest Quality.


Ceres creates optimal growing environments by designing greenhouses that both harvest full-spectrum sunlight and integrate climate control systems to ensure the highest yields and the highest quality, at the lowest operating costs.

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Sealed Hybrid Grow Solution

The combination of glazing with high light-transmittance and insulated metal walls ensure energy efficiency and maximum climate control over the growing environment. Sealed cannabis greenhouses also increase biosecurity and do not allow odors to escape or leak out.

Data Analysis & Optimization

Along with customized controllers, we offer precise analysis of the grow conditions inside your greenhouse. With greater control comes higher yields and the highest quality product. We offer a range of optimization services so that you can grow the best quality product, while using as minimal energy as possible.

EcoLoop™ Energy Efficient Climate Control

Ceres’ innovative EcoLoop™ was designed to incorporate heating, cooling, and dehumidification in one minimal footprint. Save energy and operating costs while optimizing your production. Designed to fit with any of Ceres Standard Kits.

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