The Cannabis Greenhouse division of the Ceres team consists of builders, plant experts, designers, engineers, and innovators. We work with the rest of the Ceres team, ranging from data analysts to architects, in order to create the most energy efficient and productive cannabis greenhouses available.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions was founded in 2011, aiming to reinvent the “traditional” greenhouse. Our passive design coupled with innovative climate control technologies has resulted in greenhouses that will deliver the highest quality product with very little energy.

Meet the founder

Marc Plinke


Chief Operating Officer

Marc is an inventor-innovator who started his career as a chemical and process engineer working for Gore Technologies. When he landed in Boulder, CO, he retrofitted his family’s 1950’s ranch house into a “beyond-net-zero-energy home.” That experience led him into his second career in green building design. He has spent the past decade applying his engineering mindset and expertise to building better, energy efficient greenhouses. After helping build a state-of-the-art commercial greenhouse funded by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Marc started Ceres with the intention of enabling people to grow their own food sustainably and year-round. Marc’s passion is his family and his belief in leaving the world a better place for his children.


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