Both Custom greenhouses and Ceres HighYield™ options can be tailored specifically to grow psychoactive Hemp. Growing in greenhouses is a popular option for both breeding and seed production. With environmental control you can expect reduced molds and diseases, consistent output, and better crop forecasting and predictability.

Why go Modular?

Our modular builds allow for increased biosecurity, the ability to stagger harvests, and easy expansion as your business grows.

Greenhouse Hemp Production Benefits

Growing Hemp in a greenhouse offers the ability to customize production and control the type and level of output for plant growth.

Other benefits include:

  • Year-round growing
  • Use of Head House for extraction
  • Climate simulation- to breed or produce crops from climates different from local one (chemotypes and phenotypes are very climate-specific)


• Seed propagation & breeding

• Year-round production /R&D

• Plant nursery: for propagation, rack growing, and season extension


Vented vs. Sealed

We offer both vented and sealed options for our Hemp greenhouses. Factors such as budget, climate, and type of cannabis will influence what type of greenhouse you will choose. There are different cooling and heating systems to consider with each option. Please visit our environmental control page for details.

light deprivation in greenhouse

Hemp Greenhouse Light Deprivation System

We partner with Wadsworth Controls to provide automated light deprivation systems, customized for your hemp greenhouse. Every custom system uses ‘light-lock’ technology to ensure a tight seal of the curtains and 100% blackout conditions.


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