What is the Ceres EcoLoop™?

Cooling and heating a cannabis greenhouse can often be expensive. We leverage the technology of the Ceres EcoLoop™ geothermal HVAC system, a renewable energy source that utilizes the earth’s steady temperature (between 45º and 60ºF) to create precise, desired climates in each greenhouse environment.

The EcoLoop™ is specifically designed for a Ceres greenhouse.

*The EcoLoop™ designed for a greenhouse is patented under US patent number US 11s006s586 B2.
For any other application the patent for the EcoLoop™ is pending.

Why the Ceres EcoLoop™?

Precise Control

The EcoLoop™ system’s temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential (VPD) is monitored and controlled by the Ceres Greenhouse Controller.

Longer Lasting

Geothermal has a comparable upfront cost to chillers but life expectancy is longer and energy consumption is significantly lower.

The ground loop lifespan is more than 75 years. Heat pump operating life is more than 20 years. Heat pumps can be reinstalled in the system easily.

Save Energy. Save Money.

Large rebates are available in many locations.

There is no central pumping station/room needed to provide cooling/heating fluids to the HVAC system, reducing headhouse space and plumbing costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ceres EcoLoop™ is a hybrid “Ground-Coupled-System”. It is commonly known as a geothermal system in the US and a Ground-Source-HeatPump in Europe. The EcoLoop™ is an innovative geothermal system designed specifically for Greenhouse specific Controlled Environments.
Some of the unique advantages compared with a conventional geothermal system are the EcoLoop™’s resilience, modularity, redundancy, heating and cooling load capacities, and it’s low environmental impact. Additionally, the  system is minimally intrusive to the earth (the system sits 6′ below grade, as opposed to the 400′ bore holes of traditional vertical geothermal systems).
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The EcoLoop™ is specifically engineered for individual project requirements. Cost is calculated based on factors such as: climate and size of grow operations. The EcoLoop™ is an efficient, affordable, and high performance geothermal system. Payback on this system is approximately one year, and installation material costs range from $50-65/sqft.

Because it is so energy efficient the EcoLoop™ system may qualify for rebates.

Because the EcoLoop™ system involves below grade and above grade work it might need to be installed by two separate contractors. The below grade contractors should be IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) certified installers, which can be provided by Ceres (worldwide). The above grade work can be done by a local HVAC contractor, or the IGSHPA contractor.

The EcoLoop™ is a closed loop system. The water in the system is continuously circulating in the closed ground loop and through the heat pumps (in order to transfer heat between the grow spaces, the ground, and the outside environment).

Ceres will only be installing the EcoLoop™ system in Ceres Greenhouses at least through the end of 2021, as it has been optimized for maximum efficiency and performance using specific controls and operating parameters inside a Ceres greenhouse.

Yes. The EcoLoop™ can be run using renewable sources of electricity. Additionally, the design of the EcoLoop™ allows for a reduction in peak demand load, compared to other HVAC systems. This helps reduce the overall size of the energy generation system.

The GAHT® system is essentially an air-to-ground heat exchanger, unable to deliver specific temperatures, but can assist with some heating and cooling. The GAHT® can reduce overall peak loads and therefore operational costs.
The EcoLoop™ is a higher-tech, more robust mechanical HVAC system. It provides total cooling, heating, and dehumidification based on specific set points maintained by a Ceres’ Controller.
Considerations for choosing between the GAHT® and EcoLoop™ are:
1. Environmental control precision: The EcoLoop™ can control environmental parameters within 5-7% of requirements. The GAHT® is therefore a good option for vented greenhouses, whereas the EcoLoop™ is ideal for sealed grow environments.
2. Budget: The EcoLoop™ startup cost is around 2-3 times greater than the GAHT® system.

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