Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Sealed Hybrid Greenhouse

By Miriam Schaffer
Vera Ceres greenhouse

Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Sealed Hybrid Greenhouse

Benefits of Growing Cannabis in a Sealed Hybrid Greenhouse

Strong odors from cannabis farms can annoy and result in complaints from nearby residents. Many growers struggling with this issue control the smell by spending lots of money on odor mitigation systems such as masking agents or filters. While this is one way to keep happy neighbors, we believe a better solution starts with the facility design itself. 

With a highly specialized and completely sealed, Ceres HighYield™ greenhouse, odor issues can be avoided from the get go. This design prevents the smell of cannabis from leaving the greenhouse and greatly decreases the need for odor mitigation. In addition, a sealed environment prevents pesticides, pollen, and pests from getting into your cannabis grow. 

On top of odor mitigation, there are many other benefits of using a sealed greenhouse to grow cannabis. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider making the switch.


Modular Design

Ceres sealed HighYield™ greenhouses can be built modularly with different head house/corridor layouts. This design concept allows for easy expansion as your business develops. Also, each individual greenhouse can be completely sealed off from the rest of the facility and the outside environment, allowing for entirely different climates in each greenhouse unit. This is beneficial for working with cannabis genetics because you can use the separate environments to test different growing methods and climates for optimal strain development.

Ceres Modular Greenhouse DesignClimate Control

In order to achieve optimal growing conditions, we can independently air condition each sealed greenhouse unit with Ceres’ innovative and highly energy-efficient ground coupled heat pump system called, The Ceres Ecoloop™. The Ecoloop™ heats, cools and dehumidifies a sealed greenhouse environment by utilizing the steady temperature of the earth underneath. This geothermal HVAC system is 60% more efficient than a traditional HVAC system and can be replicated for each individual greenhouse environment. The Ecoloop™ is designed exclusively for our sealed HighYield™ Kit design and you can find more information on how it works by reading our blog: Introducing the Ecoloop™: Ceres Most Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System Yet

In addition to saving you money on operational costs, a Ceres Ecoloop™ might also qualify you for significant energy rebates from the state and/or utility companies. And there are federal tax incentives for the use of a ground coupled heat pump system.

Ceres Ecoloop™ renderSystems Working Together

We design our sealed greenhouse facilities as a holistic unit, combining different grow systems and technologies to work together as one complete solution. This whole systems approach ensures that our growers achieve the highest quality yields for the lowest energy input. One important aspect of our grow solution is a greenhouse irrigation system that recycles 90% of the water used during cultivation. Fertigated, or “dirty”, water is treated and then stored for reuse. This closed loop system prevents fertilized effluent water from leaving a sealed greenhouse facility. 


Quality for Less 

So, what sort of yields and savings can you achieve with a sealed greenhouse facility? The cannabis from a Ceres sealed design is some of the highest quality cannabis being grown, as our growers are getting up to 50% more per pound than the average market value. Additionally, their power bills are cheaper with utility costs at less than $.01 per gram (the average indoor facility has a utility cost of $.30 per gram). And though the upfront costs of a sealed HighYield™ greenhouse design are higher to those of a traditional vented greenhouse and similar to those of an indoor grow, the quality of product in addition to lower operational costs have allowed our growers to break even financially within one year of operation.

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Be Prepared for the Future

GMP CeresThe last benefit we want to highlight is that our sealed greenhouse designs prepare growers for the future of the industry. We are planning for cannabis to be legal at the federal level and then for the US to become an international trading partner. To be prepared for this we design with a pharmaceutical mindset, which means designing sealed facilities with pressurized rooms and taking into account airflow and people flow. By doing this we are ensuring that we are compliant with GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GACP (good agricultural and collection practices), so when you buy a Ceres cannabis greenhouse you are ready for future domestic and international cultivation standards.

Our greenhouse experts will work with you to design a cannabis greenhouse that fits your growing needs and goals. Contact us today to get started! 


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