Thanks to years of engineering and design experience, Ceres provides only the best options for your cannabis greenhouse facility, leading to higher yields, better quality, and lower energy consumption, with an accurate and permanent control of the growing conditions.


EcoLoop™ – Geothermal

  • Utilizes earth’s steady temperature – approximately 55º – to create precise desired climates in each greenhouse environment.
  • Water (or glycol) is moved through subsurface piping via pumps to bring steady earth temperature to the surface.
  • Heat pumps can pull heat or coolness from the water and force air over the heat and/or coolness to condition the air.
  • Provides cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, as well as dehumidification down to 40%
  • Ground-Coupled Heat Pump (GCHP) pulls moisture out of air as it cools. Water can be collected in reservoirs and used on site.
  • Geothermal has a comparable upfront cost to chillers but life expectancy is longer and energy consumption is significantly lower.  Large rebates are available in many locations.

Custom Climate Solutions

  • Every location, or even each individual cannabis greenhouse, may have specific requirements for climate control. Ceres will work with you and your grower or grow team to design a heating and cooling system specifically for your cannabis greenhouse needs.
  • Our engineering team can work with unique features of your property to maximize efficiency of your HVAC system while providing highly regulated climate control in your cannabis greenhouses.  Being creative in design is something we truly enjoy.
  • Designs can range from simple venting and wet wall cooling in dryer climates to traditional chillers or combined heat and power stations that can produce power, heating, and cooling all from natural gas for sites with no electricity.
  • HVAC designs in sealed greenhouses can capture up to 92% of water used in the greenhouses, saving huge amounts of water in drier climates.

Water Treatment and Reclamation

  • Water treatment systems are designed to treat influent water, optimize growing conditions and produce healthy plants, and treat effluent water to meet discharge regulations.
  • Water reclamation systems are designed to help conserve water, reduce costs, optimize nutrient use, and eliminate waste water disposal requirements.
  • Ceres Cannabis creates design solutions based on source water quality, operational preferences, and local regulations.

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