Ceres uses passive solar design principles, tailoring your structure for your climate needs and resources. Greenhouse design is optimized for sun-harvesting, necessary for both plant growth and for greenhouse energy. Let our design and engineering team make your project a reality.
Our Design includes the highest quality building materials.



All of our greenhouses have glazing on the south walls and south facing roofs. Designed for optimizing insulation and high light transmittance, the goal is to maximize efficiency while creating the best environment for plant growth. We offer polycarbonate, acrylic, and ETFE glazing options.

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Structural Materials

From galvanized steel kits to Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) we offer the highest quality materials for the most durable structures. All of our structures are engineered to local wind and snow loads. 

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Light Deprivation

Control photoperiod with a three-layer greenhouse specific blackout curtain. Ceres’ unique design eliminates light leakage. Custom options available. 

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Ceres Services

In addition to high-quality structural materials, Ceres offers a number of onsite and offsite building and support services including:

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data analysis
Greenhouse Controls

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

A 3D modeling process used for design and construction in order to more accurately plan and build structures.

Advantages of BIM:

  • Save Money- More detail, accuracy, and better compatibility with other software
  • Accuracy- Clash detection capabilities recognize when items in the design will not fit together
  • Coordination- 3D mapping allows for the transfer of data across processes, including: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, architectural, and even existing building plans
  • Forecasting- Energy modeling can be used to make predictions about how specific systems will perform
  • Better Design Process- With better forecasting tools we can better predict how systems and structures will perform

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