Greenhouse Design Services

Ceres uses passive solar design principles, tailoring your structure for your climate needs and resources. Greenhouse design is optimized for sun-harvesting, necessary for both plant growth and for greenhouse energy. Let our design and engineering team make your project a reality.
Our Design includes the highest quality building materials.

Our design services include: Preliminary Design Services, Structural & Mechanical Greenhouse Design, Climate Control Systems Integration, and 3D Building Information Modeling

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Preliminary Design Services

it is our aim to guide our clients through the complex design process to ensure a successful greenhouse operation. The Preliminary Design is intended to simplify the preliminary decision-making steps and to provide a clear description of the project as defined by the client preferences, site constraints, system requirements, timeline, and budget.

Structural & Mechanical Greenhouse Design

Ceres greenhouses are always designed with our patented passive solar design, and are built with the highest quality structural and glazing materials. Additionally, our building services include:

  • Structural & foundation design
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering
  • Full construction documents
  • Design & integration of HVAC systems, including our energy efficient GAHT™ and Ecoloop™ systems.
general steel plate detail
sectional rendering of greenhouse

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We use BIM modeling for the most accurate and efficient greenhouse design and construction.

  • Cost Savings. Increased detail and integrations with other software.
  • Accuracy. Clash detections helps determine all integrations in the greenhouse design.
  • Coordination. Allows for easier transfer of data across mechanical, electrical, architectural, and plumbing plans.
  • Forecasting. Energy modeling is used to better predict performance across all systems for better planning.
  • Better Design Process. Better forecasting tools lead to more accurate systems and structure performance predictions.

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