Achieve optimal efficiency and the highest quality output by pairing a Ceres automated control greenhouse monitoring system with our experts in cannabis data analysis.  Information is power. Knowing how to dissect that information is the job of our trained staff.  Could your greenhouse achieve 5% higher yields? Could you be saving 10% on your monthly energy costs? The answer is yes.

data analysis graph

Ceres’ Real-Time and Long-Term Data Solution

Ceres’ web-based climate monitoring system provides real-time tracking of greenhouse conditions, plus the ability to evaluate your greenhouse performance over the long-term.

We combine monitoring with our personalized consulting service, providing recommendations based on your data to ensure your greenhouse operates at peak performance, year-round.

Our process for data installation



Decide on ideal control systems for specific greenhouse/growing needs



Install control and greenhouse monitoring systems


Post Build

Data Collection and analysis

* While this timeline is ideal, we will work with you to install this service at any stage in your process.


Don’t Have a Ceres Greenhouse? No Problem.

We also offer data installation & collection services for those without Ceres Greenhouses. Data Analysis for:

  • GH temperature
  • GH humidity & relative humidity
  • GH Vapor Pressure Deficit
  • GH PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation→ the light that plants use) light
  • GH Energy Consumption
  • Soil Measurements (Ph, moisture, electrical conductivity, etc.)

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