water treatment webinar

Water Treatment for Cannabis Grows

Any experienced cannabis grower knows that water treatment is crucial to the health and productivity of their plants. This webinar will discuss common misconceptions about water quality in a cannabis grow and what options growers have when it comes to water filtration systems. At Ceres, we believe that a water treatment system should be designed to produce optimal water quality for your plants while also reducing costs and environmental impact.


Intro to GAHT™ Systems

A Ground to Air Heat Transfer system can provide sustainable heating and cooling for year-round greenhouses by taking advantage of passive solar heat of the greenhouse and the thermal mass of the soil underground. While simple in concept, GAHT™ systems require the right materials, layout, and installation to be effective renewable energy heating and cooling system for efficient greenhouses of all sizes. This webinar will address how a GAHT™ system works, it’s major components and gives an overview of how to install one.

Energy-efficient hybrid cannabis greenhouse

Planning a Commercial Greenhouse

Energy-efficient commercial greenhouses normally require a building permit and multi-stage construction process. Learn how to approach this process with our webinar for first-time commercial growers. We give tips on navigating the permitting process, and setting up a construction schedule, as well as resources for budgeting the project.

light dep cannabis greenhouse

Creating an Energy Efficient Cannabis Greenhouse

Growing with natural light enables year-round production that is far more sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective. But even a year round cannabis greenhouse often has high energy costs, which can make your operation less competitive. In this introductory webinar, we explain the basics of energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse design, including the pros and cons of passive solar and hybrid greenhouse designs, and how to choose efficient climate control systems. Focusing on structure design and HVAC are where you can reap the most savings in your production facility.