We work with leading companies in controlled environment agriculture to create the most advanced, energy-efficient greenhouses possible.

Fertigation System

Fertigation delivers nutrients into an irrigation system. Rhythm uses the batch method with a single 200 or 350 gallon mixing tank to prepare and deliver the user defined recipes to specified feeding zones. This system is intended for commercial growers looking for an automated advanced fertigation system.

ETFE Products

F-Clean is an ETFE product that is both durable and lightweight with high light transmittance. It is a superior glazing option and should be considered for many greenhouse applications.

Consulting & GMP

Allay Provides a variety of services including Licensing assistance, New facility planning and build outs, and routine compliance audits. Allay covers many compliance areas including your Local State cannabis regulations, FDA/GMP certification assistance, ISO 22000, OSHA regulations, and Fire code regulations.

High-Grade Commercial Components

Current Culture H2O® is a premium manufacturer of cutting edge hydroponic systems and premium plant nutrients. Since 2006, Current Culture H2O® has been Cultivating Hydroponic Evolution by designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and relevant products for hobby and commercial hydroponic growers worldwide.

Light Deprivation Systems

Complete light deprivation systems with automated controls. Control cannabis photoperiod and increase yields with light deprivation curtains. 


Design and manufacturing high performing LED grow lights. Unlike a lot of other LED greenhouse lighting systems, CLW full spectrum grow lights produce much less heat, removing the need for additional cooling fans and eliminating the risk of fire.



LED grow lights meant to consistently produce substantial cost savings, increase dry weight yields and improve potency. GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of scientists and engineers spent five years researching and developing LED grow lights that work for growers.

Solar Power

By the Sun SOLAREVOLUTION creates power for people, planet, and profit by providing businesses a way to easily and profitably harness energy from the sun. We take the guess work out of going solar by partnering with solar leaders and financiers to make a turn-key solution for you, including industry-specific solutions. Finally, when you work with us, you get a marketing package at no cost.

Resource Innovation Institute

The mission of RII is to promote resource efficiency in order to allow for a better future in the field of agriculture. We work with RII to ensure that our greenhouses are running as efficiently as possible.

The GMP Collective

The GMP Collective works with cannabis and hemp producers to both achieve success and meet the strictest requirements of the most current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

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