3000 sq.ft (30′ x 100′) Grow Area

Savings (x1000 kWh/yr)

Compared to Indoor Grow

Consumption (x1000 kWh/yr)

Energy savings is based on a facility located in Denver Colorado with a designed temperature inside the facility about 75°. Standard GH : HVAC ‘kWh/ft² calculated from Powerscore 92 kWh/ft² ; Breakdown : Heating and cooling calculated by CERES. Standard greenhouses includes a thermal screen providing a 35% energy savings. Supplemental lighting density: 18 W/ft² (LED with dimming). Calculation is made to reach a 40 Daily Light Integral (DLI) , which is standard for cannabis. Natural lighting : difference between glazing : ETFE 91% transmission, Acrylic 84%, Polycarbonate 76%. Assuming standard greenhouses use a “mix” of acrylite and polycarbonate while CERES uses ETFE. As a result standard greenhouse needs 38% supplemental lighting more than CERES! CERES HVAC Consumption is calculated on eQuest software (HVAC modelling software). Indoor grow rooms numbers come from an average of 80 facilities. Source : Resource Innovation Institute (RII).

Consumption Breakdown

Detailed for a 3000 sq.ft area

Ceres Design

Most efficient design: the building itself is a thermal battery, therefore reducing heat in the winter months.

Savings (x1000 kWh/yr)

Compared to Indoor Grow



Consumption (x1000 kWh/yr)

Total consumption for running a CERES Greenhouse: 140,679 kWh/yr

Traditional Design

Usually semi-sealed greenhouses. Requires a lot of heating because of poor insulation and high air exchange. Also requires a lot of cooling due to limitation of active ventilation. Dehumidification is part of this cooling load (latent load).

Savings (x1000 kWh/yr)

Compared to Indoor Grow



Consumption (x1000 kWh/yr)

Total consumption for running a Standard Greenhouse : 375,977 kWh/yr (+37%)

Indoor Room

Totally sealed facility. Expensive to run. The supplemental lighting is the highest expense in this type of building where there is no sun.

No Savings - Full Consumption

Consumption (x1000 kWh/yr)

Total consumption for running an Indoor Grow Room: 590,038 kWh/yr (+76%)

Energy Consumption Detailed For Each Design

Measured in kWh/yr (x1000)

CO2 Emission

For a 3000 sq.ft grow area

Calculated from electricity consumption needed to run your facility with average US CO2 Footprint = 987 lb CO2/MWh (https://emissionsindex.org/).

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