Helpful Resources

We write on best-practices for designing, building and managing solar greenhouses on our blog. In addition, here are other companies and resources we recommend:
Solar Greenhouse Design:

Our articles on Mother Earth News:

Aquaponics Resources:

The Aquaponic Source – information for residential systems and home aquaponics growing; turn-key residential aquaponic systems.

Colorado Aquaponics – classes, workshops and consultations on aquaponic systems, particularly for commercial or larger-scale aquaponic greenhouses

Frosty Fish Aquaponics – information for aquaponic gardening in cold climates

Bright Agrotech provides vertical planters that can be easily integrated with aquaponics greenhouses

Gardening and Permaculture:

Self-wicking beds: Farm Tub provides beautiful, quality self-wicking grow beds

The Urban Farm Company has excellent, clear intro gardening resources. Highly recommend their Garden Guide: Every veggie; everything you need to know. They also provide turn-key raised bed gardens in Colorado.

Ask An Expert via the CSU Extension program is a great resource if you have a specific plant-related question

If you live in Colorado, you can also ask a Master Gardener through the CSU Master Gardener service for specific plant-related questions

Verge Permaculture in Calgary, Canada has lots of videos, classes, and workshops on cold-weather greenhouses, homesteading, permaculture and self-sufficiency

Beneficial Insects / IPM:

Lady bugs and other beneficial insects are only stocked in most garden stores spring through summer. But you can order them online year-round at a variety of places on-line like Nature’s Control. (It’s best to find one in your area, the majority of the cost is for shipping.)

Learn which plants and flowers are best to plant to attract beneficial insects with this guide

Other Heating and Cooling Systems:

SunnyTherm Solar Collectors combine solar heated air with a heat bank like rocks to provide a simple turn-key solution for greenhouse heating, particularly useful if retrofitting a greenhouse to be a year-round growing structure.