Greenhouses for Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation


At Ceres, our hybrid greenhouse structures are designed for optimum efficiency. With our high efficiency greenhouses you can expect cost savings to include: lower labor costs due to automation, lower water costs due to 85-90% water reclamation, and lower nutrient costs due to less water waste. Our HighYield™ Kits are better for your wallet and the environment.   

Why a Hybrid Greenhouse?

A hybrid greenhouse solution combines passive solar design and energy-efficient technology. It’s designed to reduce operational costs while increasing yields. Our commercial cannabis high efficiency greenhouse kits allow you to harness the sun’s energy for a more stable and productive grow environment.

Hybrid greenhouse for Cannabis HighYield Kit
High efficiency greenhouse schematic design

A Holistic Approach to High-Efficiency Greenhouse Design

Starting with the schematic design, we help our clients implement a complete system integration to ensure a successful operation. Our expertise in design and engineering plus our partnerships with equipment providers saves you time and money on the project scope. When the greenhouse is ready to come to life, we oversee the construction process to make sure everything is built correctly and on-time. The end result is a turnkey greenhouse system for energy-efficient, high-value cannabis cultivation.  

The SunSense™ Controller

Monitor, automate and analyze your grow environment with the SunSense™ sealed greenhouse controller. The SunSense™ high-efficiency greenhouse controller makes optimizing your sealed greenhouse conditions so much easier. It integrates with all your climate control systems so you can automate and optimize everything at the touch of a button. Opt in to share your data with our team for customized recommendations and  continued optimization of your cannabis greenhouse. 

smart greenhouse for cannabis-The SunSense
Hybrid greenhouses yield exceptional results for cannabis growers

The Competitive Edge

Our commercial hybrid cannabis greenhouses will give you that advantage that your business needs to survive an increasingly saturated market. Traditional greenhouses or indoor grows can be highly inefficient and won’t give you the profit margin you need to succeed. The Ceres HighYield™ Kit delivers.

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