Ethelyne Tetrafluoroethelyne (ETFE) is a translucent polymer glazing material. ETFE offers tremendous benefits as a glazing material, and has been used in Japan for decades. Currently, Ceres is the sole North American distributer of this highly transmissive and durable glazing material.

We offer ETFE as a glazing option for both Ceres specific greenhouses, and specifically designed for your already existing greenhouse, as the track distance has to be engineered.

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clear etfe glazing on greenhouse

Benefits of ETFE

  • 94% UV light transmittance, which can lead to higher yields and improved crop quality
  • Fewer pathogens and pests in the grow facility, because of the radiation from the UV light
  • High mechanical strength, resistant to high wind and snow loads
  • Won’t degrade or yellow, as a result of UV light
  • Easy to repair, with use of ETFE glazing patches and sheets
  • Recyclable
  • Fire Rated ASTM E84 Class A (ETFE foil will shrink from plume, which vents the fire)
  • Stable exceeding 400F degrees
etfe shading in the greenhouse

Control & Optimize the Light

Option for diffused light, which allows for the reduction of shadows and thus improved plant growth.

The image on the left shows diffused versus clear glazing and how it affects shading. On the left side of the greenhouse clear ETFE has been used on the south facing windows. Diffuse ETFE was used on the roof, so there is no shading as you travel away from the south facing windows.

Low Maintenance & Design Flexibility

  • Durable material resistant to all environmental conditions, including hail
  • Does not degrade- long lasting
  • Design flexibility and lightweight

Energy Savings

  • Additional thermal insulation provided by multilayer glazing options

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