Ceres first concern is the success of your grow. And, we understand that biological security is just an important as physical security when it comes to your grow. Pests, fungus, mold, and diseases can ruin a good crop, and cost you a fair amount of money. Whether it’s bio filters, or air purification fans; we design our cannabis biosecurity systems to help you can maintain a healthy and flourishing environment. Contact us today for more information.

Bio Filters

  • Bio Filters are a key part of cannabis cultivation biosecurity. These filters typically used in sealed greenhouses to ensure clean air moving into the grow-space.
  • They commonly use chemical reactions such as a photocatalytic oxidation process, which is self-cleaning. Powdery milder, molds, and funguses are absorbed to a catalyst surface.
  • Releases only clean air; no harmful gases, ozone, or VOC’s.
cannabis cultivation biosecurity- Photocatalytic Process

Air Purifying Circulation Fans

  • PhotoHydroIonization (PHI) Cells are integrated in the circulation fans and allow for cleaning throughout chemical reactions.
  • Hydro-Peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions, circulate in the air and neutralize more than 99 percent of microorganisms.
  • Releases only clean air; no harmful gases, ozone, or VOC’s.
biosecurity for grows- fans

Charcoal Exhaust Filters – Carbon Filtering

  • Charcoal Exhaust Filters are a key part of Cannabis Cultivation Biosecurity, as Carbon Filtering is vital to maintaining a clean cultivation environment.
  • Each active carbon particle has a high surface area and pore structure.
  • With maximized exposure to active carbon sites, pollutants and molecules, contaminants, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and odor are removed by a process called absorption.
  • Easily sizable, and scalable for your cannabis facility’s needs.
Cannabis biosecurity- exhaust filters

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