Ceres first concern is the success of your grow. Pests, fungus, mold, and diseases can ruin a good crop. We design systems to be completely biosecure, so that you can maintain a healthy and flourishing environment. 

Bio Filters

  • Bio Filters are typically used in sealed greenhouses to ensure clean air moving into the grow-space. They commonly use chemical reactions such as a photocatalytic oxidation process, which is self-cleaning. Powdery milder, molds, and funguses are absorbed to a catalyst surface.
  • Releases only clean air; no harmful gases, ozone, or VOC’s.
Photocatalytic Process

Air Purifying Circulation Fans

  • PhotoHydroIonization (PHI) Cells are integrated in the circulation fans and allow for cleaning throughout chemical reactions. Hydro-Peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions, circulate in the air and neutralize more than 99 percent of microorganisms.
  • Releases only clean air; no harmful gases, ozone, or VOC’s.
Air purification fan

Charcoal Exhaust Filters – Carbon Filtering

  • Each active carbon particle has a high surface area and pore structure.
  • With maximized exposure to active carbon sites, pollutants and molecules, contaminants, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and odor are removed by a process called absorption.
  • Easily sizable for your facility needs.
exhaust filters

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