Cannabis Greenhouses



Ceres Cannabis Greenhouse Catalog

A comprehensive catalog covering all of our Standard Kits.

Ceres Cannabis Greenhouse Catalog

Our original catalog with metric units.

Ceres Greenhouses Sealed Cannabis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of our grow solutions for cannabis. More than a greenhouse, learn how all of our systems integrate into a whole solution.

Environmental Controls

Ceres geothermal HVACD

Our trademarked HVACD solutions for high value crops. Ceres geothermal EcoLoop™ and EcoPack™ systems.

Our trademarked integrated controller. Automate your greenhouse for easier and more efficient growing.

ETFE brochure

Ethelyne Tetrafluoroethelyne (ETFE) is a translucent polymer glazing material. ETFE has been widely used in Japan for decades, and offers enormous benefits as a greenhouse glazing.

Calculate Your Energy Savings

Find out how much you can save with Ceres Greenhouses compared to standard cannabis greenhouses.

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